Thank Your Man This Valentine’s Day

bacon-bouquet-1In the jewelry industry, Valentine’s Day is all about the woman in the relationship. It’s centered around making her feel special and loved. It puts so much pressure on the man to exert all his romantic energy into this one day. The incredible part is that the man does it willingly because he loves his woman. But what would it look like if this year the tables were turned and the woman made Valentine’s Day all about him?

A particularly funny survey conducted by Lisa Fogarty sheds some light on what men really want for Valentine’s Day:

Guys reveal what they really want for Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day is about to come and go and you, faithful girlfriend or wife with your heart in the right place, are likely going to get your man something no man on earth wants.

Don’t beat yourself up — it’s not your fault. Take it from a woman whose recent Sega Genesis/Hozier concert ticket purchase was the opposite of a Christmas miracle. The truth is: Men don’t actually want anything that we would want if we were men. So that means: no jewelry, no bottles of cologne, no “adorable” stuffed animals engraved with your initials and — for the love of God — keep your thoughts on ties to yourself.

So just what do these mysterious, fascinating creatures we call men want on V-day? Well, according to a few brutally honest folks on Reddit, here’s the harsh truth.

See all responses here… (Warning: These are unfiltered responses from real men – responses are not censored)

Based on the responses these men gave, I think it’s safe to say that they’re pretty practical beings. Thinking of a gift that they’ll actually enjoy shouldn’t be too difficult as long as it’s practical. However, Business Insider offers some insight on what you can get your man for Valentine’s Day:

20 Gifts Guys Secretly Want For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means that men in relationships should have probably started to think about gifts by now.

But men deserve gifts that show how much they’re loved just as much as women do.

So we asked our coworkers, fathers, and friends what they would want most for Valentine’s Day.

And though a lot of the suggestions were extremely practical, that doesn’t mean they’re not romantic. Just knowing what your guy likes or needs will let him know how much you care.

Reference his favorite movie by bringing the Force to breakfast.

Take pancakes to a new level with Williams-Sonoma’s “Star Wars” Heroes & Villains Pancake Molds. The set includes three non-stick steel molds in Yoda, Darth Vader, and Stormtrooper shapes.

Place your character-of-choice on a preheated griddle and pour in your batter; once the first side has set, remove the molds and flip the pancakes. There’s even a separate vehicle set with the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing Fighter.

Buy it: $8 at Williams-Sonoma

Make an investment for future date nights at home with a Netflix account.

Date nights at home will get a whole lot more fun for both of you if you get a Netflix account for your Valentine. All the movies and TV shows at your fingertips will also be a nice gift for anyone who travels regularly or is a TV addict.

Plus, one of our tech editors was quick to point out that season two of “House of Cards” premieres on Valentine’s Day. Even better.

Buy it: $7.99/a month

For the early riser, make sure his coffee never goes cold again.

Sure it’s practical, but one of our reporters said the Thermos his girlfriend bought him was one of the best gifts he’s received in years.

This highly recommended stainless steel Thermos has a double-wall vacuum insulation so it can keep hot or cold beverages at a steady temperature for up to 24 hours. No more tepid coffee.

Buy it: $25 at Target

See all 20 gift ideas here…

If you plan an evening around steak, beer, and your undivided attention, there’s no way that you can disappoint him. Show your love for him by making this Valentine’s Day all about him. You never know, he might end the evening by making it all about you.

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