Price Of Silver Coins Today

Some silver coins are worth more than others. A coin’s value is determined by the amount of coins in circulation, whether the coin is in circulated or uncirculated condition, the amount of silver in the coin, and many more factors. There are hundreds of different kinds of silver coins out there. Here are a few prices of some of the silver coins seen today.

Silver Nickels

The US has distributed a large number of different nickels, from the original 3 cent nickel to the Buffalo nickels to everything in between. Shield nickels, which were distributed between 1866 and 1867, can be worth two hundred dollars in their uncirculated condition. Their 1867-1883 counterparts come in at a close second at around ninety dollars in uncirculated condition.

Half Dimes

Though many people think of half a dime as just a nickel, or five cents, such was not the case between 1794 and 1873. There were coins called half dimes that are now very rare and, therefore, worth a lot of money. The most valued half dime is the draped bust 1796-1805 model, worth a whopping $10,000 in uncirculated condition and almost nine hundred dollars in even the worst condition. However, the largest value of a half dime in its worst condition is the flowing hair model that lasted between 1794 and 1795, which is valued at over a thousand dollars. In its best condition, uncirculated, it’s almost $6,500.learn more about silver investment at

Silver Dollars

What every person has had at least once, the silver dollar, can be valued at a large price if it was made at the right time. During certain periods between 1795 and 1934, silver dollars were worth a lot of money and weren’t made very often, giving them an even higher demand value. For example, the silver dollars made in 1801 are worth a giant amount of over $15,000 dollars. That could buy a nice car out right. Most silver dollars are very rare to find, however, and therefore you can’t really take much claim in trying to find any around your house or in your past generations.

Silver Coins Today

Silver coins are going to be used for a very long time, just as they’ve always been. Even though nowadays we combine silver coins with other metals so that they’re worth the price that they’re actually labeled, it is definite that the history of silver will allow for silver coins to live on at a high value forever.

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