Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together?

When it comes to jewelry the answer is yes you can. It is rather like that old style rule of never being able to wear Navy and black together it wasn’t so long ago that you could only ever wear all gold or silver jewelry however the introduction of rose gold into jewelry has very much meant that it’s not only fashionable to mix metals but also incredibly chic and stylish too. But just like any kind of code of conduct when it comes to getting dressed it’s not so much that mixing metals has any hard and fast rules it’s more just a couple of things to bear in mind in order to ensure that your jewelry ensemble looks tasteful and purposeful rather than 80 and clashing.

Stacking is the Key

Now whether that’s in your necklaces or your bracelets and bangles what you want to do is stack between two to three and I say that as maximum three anymore and it just looks overkill. So you want to try mixing silver with either yellow or rose gold. The choice is yours but you know have a little bit of fun and play. The most important thing to consider is that when you are stacking jewelry so whether it’s necklaces or bangles bracelets they all need to be of a similar style. What doesn’t work is when you try and mix a delicate gold chain within a really chunky silver chain that’s what looks mismatched and flashy.

Wedding Rings

Now if you are thinking if it is okay to wear yellow gold or rose gold because your wedding ring is white gold or platinum. This is possible if you want to play around with rings in particular especially all these fabulous cocktail rings around. You can wear a yellow or rose gold cocktail ring on the other hand so you’re making a real statement about mixing metals together and then that way you can then introduce the color that you’ve got on the cocktail ring either in your earrings or on your necklace it’s just a really nice way of connecting your jewelry look together. Check here.


One item of jewelry that just defies all rules and logic when it comes to mixing metals is your watch because I am sure you have noticed if you don’t already own one that chunky metal watches are the choice of the moment. That means that it doesn’t matter what color your rings are, what color your necklace or your earrings are, or even your bracelets you can choose whatever color of metal watch you like it’s entirely up to you. It is a statement piece within itself the only thing is if you want to wear bangles and a chunky watch together wear them on the opposite wrist and then that way the watch remains the statement piece that it’s supposed to be

I hope that you found this article useful and it has really answered the question if you can wear silver and gold together.

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